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by 03/12/2017
Neighborhood: Manhattan, Washington Heights

“Lemuel,” my mother cried out to me. “No puedo ver.” I looked up. Her eyes were shut, her grip was tight around my hand, and she was telling me she couldn’t see.


by 06/14/2014
Neighborhood: Chelsea, Washington Heights

I think about what it means to me to be Hispanic, Latino, Latin-American, American, brown. I mostly wonder this in the workplace.


by 08/03/2012
Neighborhood: Washington Heights

As a child, Phyllis Schieber struggles to understand the injustice of suffered by millions of people. No names, no voices - only faces in the dark.

My Friend, The Fire Chaplain

by 09/11/2011
Neighborhood: Chelsea, Uncategorized, Washington Heights

I met Mychal Judge in the spring of 1985 when my boyfriend, Javier, and I decided to get married. As a lapsed Catholic, estranged from the Church for over a decade, I was tormented with guilt and worry, yet I wanted to have a church wedding without having to account for prior errant ways—our daughter, […]


by 05/01/2011
Neighborhood: Washington Heights

Phyllis Schieber recalls growing up a child of Holocaust survivors and the emotional inheritance that needs to be communicated but can never really be understood.

Trolling Whores for Coke: How to Get Started

by 03/17/2010
Neighborhood: Chelsea, Washington Heights

Brent Shearer presents a convenient how-to guide for procuring certain recreational substances from ladies of a certain profession.

The Slow Death of Dan Dinnerstein

by 11/02/2008
Neighborhood: Washington Heights

Chronicles the life and death of Dan Dinnerstein, who never really quite found mystical or earthly peace.

Welcome to Washington Heights

by 08/05/2008
Neighborhood: Washington Heights

Kristen Bonardi Rapp moves into Washington Heights.

Not That Christ is Funny

by 04/11/2008
Neighborhood: Washington Heights

The unicorn tapestries up at the Cloisters can hang with the best of the life of Christ allegories, and the best of unicorn pict


by 03/15/2008
Neighborhood: Washington Heights

It may skeeve some of us to think of a 30-something teacher with the hots for one of his students.

Washington Heights Playing Field

by 07/06/2006
Neighborhood: Washington Heights

Peter reminisces about the odd-ball sidewalk sports he played as a child in Washington Heights...

The Butcher Shift–a Gotham Hazing.

by 02/11/2005
Neighborhood: Washington Heights

The butchers would saddle up to the counter with the neighborhood's other primary residents, the transsexual hookers.