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Instantly, Life Got Better

by 02/19/2014
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

My brother, Rory, and I, agreed on two things in early 1964: we loved bacon and we were crazy cuckoo nuts over the Beatles.

That’s My Daughter In The Water

by 03/27/2013
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Trevor Jockims cons his way into a free swim using his daughter as a decoy.

Doormen For Romney

by 10/25/2012
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Basil Totem's loyalties to the left are tested when he is forced to spar with smart-ass OWS marchers.

Hiding in a Transparent City

by 10/10/2012
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Deirdre Faughey Davison remembers her childhood trips to Manhattan with her aunt.

Cross Streets

by 08/28/2012
Neighborhood: Upper East Side, West Village

Trevor Laurence Jockims finds that we share more than we realize when we break the fourth wall and step out of our everyday roles.

Apartment 7

by 07/18/2012
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Melissa Petro has had many interesting neighbors in her rent-controlled building. Mazel, across the hall, was no exception.

Stillness is the Move

by 06/19/2012
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Trevor Laurence Jockims needs a bigger apartment for his growing family... and he actually finds one.

The Owner Likes It Loud

by 06/19/2012
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Carl Schinasi comes home to New York for the pizza, stays for the intimidating mafiosa.

Death Comes to The Fenwick Arms

by 12/31/2010
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Mr. Murphy, a New York City doorman, witnesses what happens when there's a death in the building.

Shoe Glue

by 04/15/2010
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Susan Sawyers reports on the latest from Jim's Shoe Repair, a cobbler's shop est. 1932 on the Upper East Side.

A Sidekick for St. Patrick’s Day

by 03/17/2010
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Brian Quinn acquires a very special wing man in a hot, smoky Upper East Side bar on St. Patrick's Day.

Dental Cares

by 02/26/2010
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

The tragi-comedy of Daniel Menaker's trips to the dentist. As he says: "I now believe that my body gave itself lung cancer in order to avoid the regular checkup with Vera."