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Alicia Keys Visits Prince

by Thomas Beller 06/26/2001
Neighborhood: Across the River

As soon as Alicia Keys and her band arrive at the front gate of Prince’s house it is apparent to all that there is no paisley in Paisley Park. Prince’s compound looks, from the outside, like the athletic facility of a state University, a big boxy building with gates around it that gives no hint […]

Mountain At Charles Lane

by Thomas Beller 06/03/2001
Neighborhood: West Village

Charles Lane is a narrow cobblestoned alley that connects Washington Street and the West Side Highway. There is nothing particularly remarkable about it, except it feel like one of those narrow crevices in the city which time has forgotten, even though it is tucked into a peculiarly modern housing development.  A rehearsal studio called Charles […]

Dog Show

by 06/02/2001
Neighborhood: Chelsea

Approximately 350 dogs reside in London Terrace. For the most part, these hounds aren’t mutts but creatures of high pedigree. Madonna’s stylist owns one. Deborah Harry keeps a critter here. I knew pugs, basset hounds, basenjis, scotties, weimaraners, and schipperkees. The twelve-building complex is in, in fact, a kennel. In September of 1995, I organized […]