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Wartime in Williamsburg

by 04/30/2003
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

“Vintage clothing is not subversive...

Tupperware with a Twist

by 04/28/2003
Neighborhood: West Village

Broccoli that stays fresh and green and crisp for five weeks

The Zeta Jones Stake-Out

by 04/24/2003
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

Chimping Fiercely in Pursuit of the Money Shot.

The Post-Breakup Drugs (feat. Kyp Malone from TV ON THE RADIO, at Clovis Books)

by the man with the funny camera 04/22/2003
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

Kip from TV on the RADIO at Clovis Books in 2003

John Epperson

by 04/22/2003
Neighborhood: Uncategorized

Thursday, April 24, 2003, 7:30 p.m. JOHN EPPERSON: SHOW TRASH is moving up in the world! For one night only, the performance David Finkle of “Backstage” says is “a funny, often touching autobiographical revue,” will play at the posh boite Joe’s Pub in The Public Theater, 425 Lafayette Street in New York City. JOHN EPPERSON: […]

Neighborhood Reading 4/23

by 04/21/2003
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

On the Wall Reading Series at Cornelia St. Cafe welcomes Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood Readers include: Elizabeth Frankenberger Debbie Nathan Gerald Howard and Annie Bruno WEDNESDAY APRIL 23 6:30pm Cornelia St. Cafe 29 Cornelia St. (for directions, go to

Going to Washington D.C.

by 04/21/2003
Neighborhood: Midtown

Along the way one of the female bandits deftly scaled a lamppost and duct taped a black flag to the top.

One Hour Till Midnight at the Post office

by Thomas Beller 04/16/2003
Neighborhood: Chelsea

A City of procrastinators converges on the Post Office with their taxes

The Ayatollah of Nueva York

by 04/14/2003
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Flatbush

An INS dragnet; an ESL teacher.

The Red Shoes

by 04/11/2003
Neighborhood: Union Square

Yesterday, after visiting my family in my small hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, I took the train back to New York City, my chosen home. Though it was a weekday, the platform was congested with people. Some stood naively about and others, like myself, train-savvy, were waiting in the place where the train’s opening doors would […]

War and Duane Reade

by 04/04/2003
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

Day 14. U.S. troops four miles from Baghdad. It was 9 PM and I was out of Breathe Right strips. If I don’t have Breathe Right strips I can’t sleep soundly, so I put on my coat and my orange button that has a photograph of a very sweet looking little Iraqi girl and the […]

Scumbags with Cameras

by Thomas Beller 04/02/2003
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

Some people take a coffee break, but there was no doubt that the guy who was calling after us was on a fight break. I turned to