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Home of the Whopper

by 01/28/2023
Neighborhood: Kips Bay

———————————————- When I knew Efrom, he was twenty-something years old. He was of medium height, with a slight build, stringy dirty-blond hair, and a ’70s—it was the ’70s—handlebar mustache. He lived below John’s studio apartment on 26th Street on Manhattan’s East Side. On the stairs, the first time I stayed over at John’s, Efrom cautioned […]

A Magical Oasis in Queens

by 01/21/2023
Neighborhood: Featured, Sunnyside

I grew up in Sunnyside Gardens, Queens, during the 1950s, in an attached house between 48th and 49th streets. The houses had small gardens – front and back – with much larger communal gardens beyond our front yard. Small trees and flowering bushes were planted around the edges of two large square patches of well-mowed […]

Big Eric

by 01/13/2023
Neighborhood: Greenpoint

Big Eric is an alcoholic. I know this because he talks to me about his life when we work together. He’s 40-years old, and he tells me he’s feeling stressed and alone, and that the only time he feels peace is when he drinks. He lives around the corner from the café and sometimes in […]

1982: Approaching the New Year

by 01/07/2023
Neighborhood: Harlem, Tribeca

The Times Square ball has dropped, giving birth to 1982, unnoticed by me and my friends who have been prowling the city streets for hours. We ricochet from one dimly lit bar to another, drawn to brain-damaging music and access to drugs. In the Mudd Club, where we’ve landed, the entrance to both bathrooms is […]