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Celtic Memories – Whispering Hope from the Past

by 10/22/2009
Neighborhood: Clinton

 When I was growing up in the west of Ireland in the fifties my grandfather gifted me with stories about Samhain, (pronounced, SOW-in) now known as All Hallows Eve or Halloween. Samhain, a Gaelic word, meaning “end of summer,” signaled the coming of winter and the beginning of the Celtic New Year. “In the olden […]

Bumping Heads with New York Yankee Steve Whitaker

by 10/22/2009
Neighborhood: Bronx

No, I wasn’t going to cut school to go to Yankee Stadium and watch the Yankees play the Orioles during their 1967 season. “Aw, c’mon, BB, let’s do it,” recommended “Reese,” one of my Southwest Bronx neighborhood pals and fellow schoolmate during my sophomore year at DeWitt Clinton High School. Otherwise easygoing, when it came […]

The Haters: The Angriest Softball Team in New York City

by 10/01/2009
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

Patrick Sauer takes in a not-so-friendly neighborhood softball game in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Becoming American in New York

by 10/01/2009
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Greenpoint

German Sabine Heinlein becomes a citizen of the United States.


by 10/01/2009
Neighborhood: Across the River, Brooklyn

In order to avoid having one of those days when toddlers strike, Deirdre Faughey breaks her routine.