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The Culture of Dog Walking

by 09/26/2013
Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill

Lily Lopate takes a stab at dog-walking and tries to understand why pet owners are so strange.

Brooklyn Fields

by 10/01/2012
Neighborhood: Cobble Hill

Celebrity has never impressed Sam Howard. But with his literary hero moving into the neighborhood, he might try to break the ice.

A Walk on Columbia Street

by 08/01/2012
Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill

Tina Portelli recalls the Columbia Street of her youth.

Baby Fever

by 07/07/2012
Neighborhood: Cobble Hill

Samuel Howard decides it's time to procreate.

Old Enough To Die In Brooklyn: The Mortician’s Lament

by 05/10/2012
Neighborhood: Cobble Hill

Chris Pomorski moves into an apartment above a funeral home in Brooklyn and learns that it is a dying business.

A Frothy Goodbye

by 03/26/2012
Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill

Nicholas Soodik's favorite cafe existed in much the same way it ceased to do so; brusquely and without apology.

Can’t Say No

by 01/24/2012
Neighborhood: Cobble Hill

Maggie O'Connell recounts experiences she had while a member of the NSA, now known as SGI (Soka Gakkai International), founded on Buddhist principles that were ignored by some of the organization's leaders.

Today’s Prophet of Misery

by 06/29/2005
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Cobble Hill

A group of friends in Brooklyn's Russian community try to improve their lives in spite of it all. Mark, on the other hand . . .

Four Stores and Fifty Years Ago

by 03/09/2005
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Cobble Hill

'I like the cannoli the best...'

The Bartender

by 10/09/2001
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Cobble Hill

“I’m a sponge for everyone else’s emotions,” says Amy, a bartender in Cobble Hill, “but I feel like I can’t release any of my own.” It’s a Saturday night after the World Trade Center disaster and though it’s only six o’clock, the artsy hipster-ish Smith Street hangout is pulsing and loud. The Replacements’ “Here Comes […]