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The Camera and The Audience

by 04/25/2018
Neighborhood: Midtown, Times Square

I answer an ad for an agent looking for “young Mediterranean-types, long hair preferred.” His office is off Times Square.

New York! Just Like I Pictured It, Sorta. Well, No.

by 03/16/2016
Neighborhood: Hell's Kitchen, Midtown

My plan was to bond in private with the city I had chosen as my future home.

Jersey Nights on Broadway

by 03/14/2016
Neighborhood: Midtown

For many more years, I will recall the exquisite mix of emotions on my mother's face. First, irritation and annoyance, followed by sadness.


by 01/02/2016
Neighborhood: Manhattan, Midtown

After I gave him my spiel, he wrinkled his nose in a sniffing-like manner and said he would rip up the ticket if I could "do something” for him.

The Empire State Building Loves Me

by 09/13/2015
Neighborhood: All Over, Central Park, Midtown, Union Square

The waning began first thing in the morning when I woke up at 6:30 a.m., fell to the bathroom floor, and vomited.

A Yellow Cashmere Scarf

by 04/04/2014
Neighborhood: Midtown, Uncategorized

I saw the homeless woman sitting in front of Saks Fifth Avenue holding her sign, interacting with the passers by, taunting some, flirting with others, cajoling the rest, So I gave her a name, created her back story and decided to tell it as I thought she might.

Old Brownie

by 02/09/2014
Neighborhood: Midtown

Cut, color, clarity, and carat - Peter Nolan Smith avoids all of the 4Cs of diamonds when he sells Old Brownie on a snowy winter's day.

Will Work For Free

by 06/25/2013
Neighborhood: Midtown

In a universally identifiable essay, Garrett Houghton describes his first of what will become many job interviews for the coveted post of Unpaid Intern.

Dreams of Taylor

by 06/18/2013
Neighborhood: Midtown

Peter Nolan Smith is charged with delivering the impossible to his nephew.

What’s in a Name

by 05/06/2013
Neighborhood: Bronx, Midtown

In 1958, Liz Dolan was surprised to see the familiar toothy grin of her walrus-like boss, on the face of a rising ballet star.


by 01/17/2013
Neighborhood: Grand Central Station, Midtown

Peter Nolan Smith hits the Oyster Bar at Grand Central Terminal.


by 12/28/2012
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Midtown

Peter Nolan Smith puts down his jeweler's loupe and picks up his hammer.