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Did You Show Fear?

by 07/30/2002
Neighborhood: Midtown

Please Don't Feed Me to the Animals

Claude, at Max’s Kansas City

by 07/28/2002
Neighborhood: Park Avenue South

"Claude was smart and talented and I was beautiful but both of were too boring to hang around with."

My Mortal Enemy

by 07/27/2002
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights

"I was thinking how incredibly great I looked when this red faced, white haired man, wearing a worn out tan-green baseball cap,

Drinking Redneck-Style

by 07/23/2002
Neighborhood: Chelsea

A Jewess turned redneck's quixotic search for authentic trucker-sluts and the like.

Stinky Versus Shakey

by 07/17/2002
Neighborhood: East Village

I Guess This is Growing Up

The Pigeon Bagel

by 07/17/2002
Neighborhood: Gramercy Park

I was sitting on a green bench outside of a cafe on Irving Place, on a hot day with a blaring sun. I was in one of those moods where I was thinking of everything bad that had ever happened to me. I noticed a huge bagel on the edge of the sidewalk. It was […]

Helpless in a Highrise

by 07/13/2002
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

A flood, a bitter supper, and a family held captive for the night...

Outward Bound on the East River

by 07/11/2002
Neighborhood: Multiple, The East River

Life, Detritus, and the East River

Code Blue: A Police Officer Unwinds

by 07/11/2002
Neighborhood: Harlem

Just Chillin'

London Terrace: Swim Free or Die

by 07/11/2002
Neighborhood: Chelsea

I Chose Publicity

Roller Skating on Pearl Street, circa 1940

by 07/11/2002
Neighborhood: Lower Manhattan

Living Downtown