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The Laughter of the Maestro

by 03/09/2014
Neighborhood: Fort Greene

On a snowy New York evening, Cecil Taylor talks about his musical journey up to Toronto, back down to Harlem, and everywhere in between.

Just Another Night

by 01/12/2014
Neighborhood: Fort Greene

Peter Nolan Smith spends New Year's Eve with Zatoichi, mushroom pasta, the Bruins, and a long distance phone call.

Moonlight Exterminator

by 07/12/2007
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Fort Greene

A desperate cockroaches infestation situation calls for desperate measures: It's like DIE HARD in an apartment

Target Practice

by 08/14/2006
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Fort Greene

Brooklyn Target doesn’t make us more like the suburbs; it is what separates us from them...

Invasion of the Caucasian

by 06/04/2006
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Fort Greene

It hits me (hard) that three out of the last five people who had just passed by were white

Look for the Clock Tower

by 05/18/2006
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Fort Greene

It was impossible for me to stop laughing as I looked at the homemade bloody bandage wrapped around his hairy legs

One of the Singer Girls

by 03/24/2003
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Fort Greene

This jumpsuit performs miracles.