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The Slam

by 05/24/2002
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

There is a cohesive community of would-be slam poets, could-be greeting card writers and should-remain computer programmers in New York City, and they meet at various open mic nights around town. I happened upon one of these amateur slams when a friend of mine admitted to being a closet writer of poems (she wasn’t sure […]

The Only Game in Town

by 05/20/2002
Neighborhood: Financial District

Being a bohemian Communist without a mutual fund, a 401(k), or any valueless dot com stocks to add to the oil drum fires the homeless gather around, I don’t often find myself in the Financial District. But when I do, I get the biggest kick out of seeing white brokers, lawyers and computer guys lining […]

Howdy, Neighbors

by 05/12/2002
Neighborhood: Morningside Heights

I long ago decided that my next-door neighbors were mass murderers. They are nice, quiet, neat, and “keep to themselves.” In fact, I couldn’t confidently identify either one of them on the sidewalk or in a police line-up, I so rarely see them come or go. And I have never heard any noise coming from […]

Summer Babes

by 05/05/2002
Neighborhood: East Village

I was going through a cycle of uneven haircuts and interesting colors that summer; Franco, my stylist, gave me a discount because I was always underfoot, always fetching him beer, always up for a change in color or fringe. When Allie moved in upstairs from his salon, the three of us spent hours sipping beer […]

Street Tree Forest

by 05/03/2002
Neighborhood: Uncategorized

From mid March to early June (and again from mid October to mid December), the New York City Parks Department plants approximately 7,500 trees on the sidewalks in front of people’s homes, in front of businesses, and on street medians. This is no small thing. A little bit of nature is being transplanted on your […]

The Religious Life of Objects

by 05/02/2002
Neighborhood: Morningside Heights

Nadine had dark curly hair, a slow quiet voice and more stubborn patience then anyone I knew. She was showing me her favorite textile, a small pre-Columbian piece, dated around 500 BC. It was no bigger than a doormat, but she had been working on it for over six months. “These repeated geometric patterns form […]

Save The Robots

by 05/02/2002
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Early 1980’s. Alphabet City. Segments are airing on national TV about drugs, guns, general life-threatening disorder. Yet, still and all, it’s where the artists live. Coax a cab east and try your luck. On Avenue B, half-windowed buildings. Puerto Rican mafia guys lurking. Street lights, but they do little more than rattle and buzz. Rats. […]