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Collecting Dud Fireworks to Make M-80s

by 12/30/2023
Neighborhood: Brighton Beach

Fireworks meant many different things to me as a kid. They were what you saw on TV when Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops performed the “1812 Overture.” Fireworks showed up over Popeye’s head if he kissed Olive Oyl or if Bluto punched him in the face. On special occasions, fireworks would be in the […]

A Blood Sport

by 12/24/2023
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

There is a saying in New York City that you can either have a job or keep a car on the street. Garages in my neighborhood cost upwards of $700 a month, and street parking is free, sort of. I do not have a job, other than walking my two dachshunds, Henry Longfellow and Hanna, […]

Silver Sands

by 12/08/2023
Neighborhood: Long Island

In the summers we would go to a cottage on the North Fork of Long Island, near Greenport. We rented the same one each year. It’s a great spot that my wife heard about from, well, I don’t remember where. She is always hearing about things, discovering ways for us to get away, do things, […]

Running Errands for Mr. Dubinsky

by 12/02/2023
Neighborhood: Brooklyn

It was around 1975 and I was maybe 8 years old. My $2 a week allowance worked well for my humble needs, and I didn’t necessarily want or need a job at that age, but my dad would ask me to run errands every now and then and let me keep some of the left-over […]