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My Damn Love Affair

by 01/18/2016
Neighborhood: All Over, Uncategorized, Upper West Side

The New York of the 80’s was not a town that met you halfway. It really didn’t give a damn what happened to you.

Is My Arched Spine Still Pretty?

by 01/15/2016
Neighborhood: East Village, Manhattan, Uncategorized, Union Square

Right after it was done I wanted to try again, as if already I was searching for some way for him to give me more than he could.

Bed Bugs and Rolling Stones

by 01/11/2016
Neighborhood: Uncategorized, Upper West Side

The house phone in my room often rang in the middle of the night. I’d answer hoping to talk to someone but there was never anyone there.


by 01/02/2016
Neighborhood: Manhattan, Midtown

After I gave him my spiel, he wrinkled his nose in a sniffing-like manner and said he would rip up the ticket if I could "do something” for him.