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The Smell of the Past

by 01/23/2010
Neighborhood: Inwood

There are secret portals all over New York City, and without warning you can get sucked into one. I fell down one of those rabbit holes myself in the last icy days of winter and, after the briefest of wonderland experiences, was unceremoniously coughed back up and spat out again. One of my loftier 2009 […]

Escape to the Tip of the Island

by 11/10/2008
Neighborhood: Inwood

When I was 14, and living in an affluent, gated community in Manila, a handsome young boy from our neighborhood gave me a sapphire pendant. We were both members of a church youth group and were attending a party for new members. It was early evening. As our friends ate pork kabobs by the pool, […]

The Lucky Children of New York City

by 12/22/2005
Neighborhood: Inwood

The public school kids of New York City learned that they could go to school 2 hours late during the strike. At least for the kids who live within walking distance of the school, and didn’t have to take a car service or walk miles in the cold, this was fun and exciting. When I […]

Resist the Urge to Reach for Blue

by 10/16/2001
Neighborhood: Inwood

I’m not a PTA mom, and I’ve never hosted a parent potluck dinner. I’ve said no to volunteering at annual school galas and spring fairs so many times that, at this point, no one even bothers to ask me. I adore my two sons, but their time in school is precious. And since it seems […]