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Bjork in New York.

by Thomas Beller 08/26/2004
Neighborhood: All Over, Manhattan

–July, 2001 It’s a dark and stormy night. The gothic spire of Riverside Church, on the Western Edge of Harlem, is hidden in mist. Throngs of acolytes huddle around the church doors as though awaiting entrance to the gates of a Medieval city. They are Bjork fans. At noon that day a special one-off show […]

Good Vibrations

by 08/18/2004
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Flatbush

I do okay for a while. I’m good, I go to therapy, I dutifully make the bi-monthly trek to my psychiatrist for drugs. I ride the Q train from Brooklyn to Central Park West, a trip that takes over an hour, and he always meets me at the door. He has unnaturally dark hair that […]

About a Toy

by 08/13/2004
Neighborhood: Financial District

It was my first day and Beth, who worked in the cubicle across from mine, was talking on her cell phone about sex. I was doing the kind of mindless work that provides a perfect cover for eavesdropping. I kept my eyes on the insurance forms I was stapling and got to know her a […]

Esteban Vicente Works Alone

by Thomas Beller 08/11/2004
Neighborhood: East Village, Midtown

Esteban Vicente arrived into the world in Turegano, Spain, in 1903. In 1921, he arrived at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid. He arrived in Paris in 1929, and in 1936 he arrived in New York City. His reputation arrived somewhat later. In 1950, Clement Greenberg and Meyer Schapiro included him in their […]