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by 08/31/2014
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

All I really know about Duke is that, just like me, he is from Texas. We had awkwardly talked about this on the first day of class when Duke had sat next to me, laughing too much at my awkward jokes and staring at me with his icicle blue eyes in a peculiar, unnerving way. But if you were to ask me to describe Duke I would say: a quiet storm.

Battered Carnations

by 08/31/2014
Neighborhood: Chinatown

To say that I am not a morning person is both unimaginative and a gross understatement.


by 08/26/2014
Neighborhood: Financial District, Manhattan

With three minutes to spare, I mutter a few good Hail Mary Kay's and promise the Sephora gods that I will do better next time.

Cigarette Break

by 08/26/2014
Neighborhood: Manhattan, Tribeca

She sees a man eating from the trash. His clothes are neat. He must do this often, because he's wearing nylon gardening gloves

Manhattan Mirage

by 08/02/2014
Neighborhood: Financial District, On the Waterfront, Staten Island

nd suddenly, there it was, emerging melodramatically out of the dusk like some reinvented Shan-gri-La or a newly-risen Atlantis.