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The Art of Tipping

by 06/29/2003
Neighborhood: Featured, West Village

I wondered: should I give him ten dollars for a $1.80 tip, or nine dollars for an 80 cent tip? One seemed too high to me, the other seemed too low. Maybe I should give him ten and ask for 75 cents back? That felt petty.

World Gym

by 06/24/2003
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

The heavy weight of solitude

The Cost of Silence

by 06/21/2003
Neighborhood: All Over, Manhattan

I will never play the saxophone again.

by 06/19/2003
Neighborhood: Midtown

It was 1972 and I was walking along Third Ave. one evening past PJ Clarke’s, a bar-hangout for the sports crowd and the media, and a booming voice hails me, “Joe!, Joe! Over here!’ I looked over in the direction of the voice and I saw a guy as big as a building in a […]

Drama at Dramatics

by 06/18/2003
Neighborhood: All Over, Manhattan

There’s this place on 57th between 8th and 9th called Dramatics for Hair. There are a few of them in the city. Dramatics has this thing going on where they give each of their employees a “dramatic” name, something like Flame or Lightning or Cognac. They are usually nouns but once in a while you […]

Smalls is Dead

by 06/15/2003
Neighborhood: West Village

Near dawn, out of beer and full of jazz.

Village Car Wash

by the man with the funny camera 06/08/2003
Neighborhood: Tribeca

This man is proud of his work. He’s from Russia.

The Other Church Lady

by 06/08/2003
Neighborhood: Midtown

My teenage years in the suburbs of Philadelphia were filled with lone trips to the city to cruise South Street and ogle its unsophisticated riff-raff. Later, to help finance my Bachelor’s Degree at NYU, I worked at the counter of an Espresso Bar near Carnegie Hall. The neighborhood got some suprisingly rough traffic. There was […]

The Best Sushi In New York

by Thomas Beller 06/08/2003
Neighborhood: East Village

Iso and the random bullet

Horsing Around With Jason Kidd

by Thomas Beller 06/06/2003
Neighborhood: Across the River, Letter From Abroad

His Father Was a Cowboy

War and Peace in Bryant Park

by The Man with the Funny Camera 06/03/2003
Neighborhood: Manhattan

The girl had a book in her hand.

Stillman’s Gym: The Center of the Boxing Universe

by 06/01/2003
Neighborhood: Midtown

The name: Stillman’s Gym still is magical to old ring veterans–rapidly vanishing–but it’s mostly just a revered icon like Jack Johnson or Boyle’s Half-Acre that fight purists have read about in an old issue of Ring Magazine or on the internet in vintage columns of Dan Parker and Jimmy Cannon. For me, Stillman’s isn’t like […]