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Palpating the Margins at Otto

by 04/28/2004
Neighborhood: East Village

In medicine, when you see an attending physician walking down the hall and you stop him or her to ask for an impromptu consultation, it’s called “curbsiding.” As a medical student, however, no one is ever particularly reliant on your expertise, and the average medical student can walk through a hospital without ever being pulled […]

Columbia University’s Cash Cow Is Disgruntled

by 04/23/2004
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

They predicted rain, but the sun shone through hazy skies last Wednesday at the School of the Arts protest at Columbia University. I had never been to a protest before. I was angry—I am angry—at President Lee Bollinger for his utter lack of support of the School of the Arts despite his pledge at his […]

The Brewbar Break-up

by 04/17/2004
Neighborhood: West Village

We had coffee the other day at a little place in the West Village called The Brewbar with a man named Chistopher Hacker, who used to work there. Past The Brewbar’s red-painted window frames, traffic careened silently up Eighth Avenue. The sky persisted with its threat of a Noreaster, but in here Carmen Miranda was […]

Sabina meets Kao Yang in the Dark.

by 04/17/2004
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

Seven o’clock isn’t late, but already it is dark in New York City. On the corner of 111th and Broadway, two women meet; they stand in tune to the pull of wary strangers. The duo, a short Hmong girl and a thin white woman, stand beside a portable table. Kao Yang has on a long, […]

Outsiders at the Outsider Art Fair

by 04/13/2004
Neighborhood: SoHo

At the Outsider Art Fair – held in the Puck Building from January 23rd-25th – there were as many men with ponytails as there were terms to describe the art they had come to buy: grassroots, vernacular, folk, visionary, Nueve Invention. Yet there was little question as to who were the most important artists in […]

Chico’s Loisaida

by 04/11/2004
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

The spray-painted image of Tony’s tightly clipped mustache and smooth fade is beginning to show its age — but his dark eyes still stare out intently from the wall at indifferent passersby. This is still the Loisaida, he might boast: Spanglish for the Lower East Side. Tony’s pupils are guarded, harboring the memory of the […]

Golf is Vile: A Jock Opera in the land of Sir and Ma’am

by Thomas Beller 04/07/2004
Neighborhood: Letter From Abroad

Thomas Beller’s new book is a collection of essays titled, "How To Be a Man." ** "Those who live out here are very likely living in the cultural shadow of golf. It’s not so much the game of golf that influences manners and morals; it’s the Zenlike golf ideal." — "Our Sprawling, Supersize Utopia" by […]

The New Man of Perry Ellis

by 04/04/2004
Neighborhood: Midtown

A few seasons back, Perry Ellis (the company) chose Patrick Robinson (the designer) to resurrect its iconic American style . This past September Robinson staged a renegade runway show where the spectators did the walking, parading past lines of models posing and preening in a cacophony of Spring 2004 style in muted pastels, creamy whites […]