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Something about Ricky Powell, via a guy named Mike

by Thomas Beller 07/07/2001
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

All photographs and captions by Ricky Powell Mike. No shirt, a slight paunch (new), a lot of tattoos. Green, mostly, with some red. A dragon that snaked over his arm and shoulder, other stuff. He’s getting old. Or older. Still the belligerent, bemused, pug face, though, wondering what fun the playground might have to offer. […]

The Middle East In Brooklyn

by 07/02/2001
Neighborhood: Brooklyn

Far from the Zagat’s feeding trail crouches a small, fluorescent-lit restaurant in Midwood, Brooklyn, halfway between Park Slope and the sea. Its name is the Olympic Pita Corporation, but rather than the Hellenism which the word “Olympic” implies, the restaurant is firmly for and about Israel. On a typical winter weeknight, Jews of varying levels […]