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Stories about Hair

by 12/23/2004
Neighborhood: Multiple

June 21, 2004 Straight Talk on Hair Village by Rachel W. Sherman No one who does Japanese hair straightening at Hair Village is Japanese….(more) November 24, 2002 The Politics of Hair Removal by Alicia Erian She was dirt cheap, and we shared an interest in politics….(more) Sal The Barber In The Make Believe Ballroom by […]

All Hail Pale Male

by Thomas Beller 12/16/2004
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Photo: Lincoln Karim It looked like a crime scene. Yellow ticking cordoned off part of the sidewalk next to the awning of 927 Fifth Avenue, at 74th Street. Across the street a two-person camera crew stood shivering next to their tripod. They were journalists, it appeared from a distance; on closer inspection, they were journalism […]

The Bush Tree in Philly

by 12/07/2004
Neighborhood: Across the River, Letter From Abroad

We crossed the Delaware River, made a tremendous 270 degree turn under the bridge and dropped down in to the city streets. The plan: stay at Alison’s parents house in Philly that night, wake up early, pick up the two vans from Hertz, proceed to a designated church in the suburban township of Devon for […]

Elvis is the in the Building

by 12/03/2004
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

Last week I was leaving my building when I saw my doorman Frank carrying two black guitar cases through the lobby. He was followed by a man who looked very similar to Elvis Costello. I live in the West Village in Manhattan, so every man looks like Elvis Costello. Later that evening I asked Mario, […]