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Is My Arched Spine Still Pretty?

by 01/15/2016
Neighborhood: East Village, Manhattan, Uncategorized, Union Square

Right after it was done I wanted to try again, as if already I was searching for some way for him to give me more than he could.

The Empire State Building Loves Me

by 09/13/2015
Neighborhood: All Over, Central Park, Midtown, Union Square

The waning began first thing in the morning when I woke up at 6:30 a.m., fell to the bathroom floor, and vomited.

Someone Should Keep an Eye on Him

by 04/29/2015
Neighborhood: Union Square

I walk the earth as Cain, never to know the satisfaction of a home project well done.

Rejoice for the Winter that Was

by 03/28/2014
Neighborhood: All Over, Brighton Beach, Central Park, Union Square

Candy Schulman offers a contrast to the standard winter grumbles.

No Slices

by 02/04/2014
Neighborhood: DUMBO, Union Square

Jaime Mishkin spreads the joy of Grimaldi's pizza to strangers in our latest story.

Found in Transit

by 02/09/2013
Neighborhood: All Over, Grand Central Station, Union Square

Joelle Burger boards a 4 train, heading uptown to study for the bar exam. She deboards the train in tears, but a lesson has been learned.

New York Is Oakland

by 09/08/2012
Neighborhood: Financial District, SoHo, Union Square, Zuccotti Park

Svetlana Kitto joins the march north to Occupy Union Square.

Passing For 62

by 12/15/2011
Neighborhood: Uncategorized, Union Square, Williamsburg

Brent Shearer tries to defraud the city's Parks Department by asking for a senior citizen discount on his tennis permit... and eventually gets away with it.

October 7, 2001

by 09/11/2011
Neighborhood: Uncategorized, Union Square

When I got the email from Sir Beller about revisiting 9/11, my thought was to delete it. After double-checking, I can say I’m proud of the piece I wrote, “October 2001,” only because I just reported what I saw and didn’t try to make sense of it. Had I gone the “this is how I […]

The Three Women

by 02/28/2011
Neighborhood: Union Square

Bob Blaisdell buys socks for his daughter in Union Square from a man with a wealth of knowledge about buying socks for daughters.

The Strangeness of Living in New York

by 09/11/2010
Neighborhood: Union Square

Erika knows who to tell and who not to tell about the fact that her husband was killed in the World Trade Center.

José and the System

by 09/01/2008
Neighborhood: Union Square

In Union Square, Mexican immigrant José contemplates the political life of a Mexican immigrant.