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Just Used: Altruism and Punishment on the MTA

by 01/27/2005
Neighborhood: Brooklyn

The thought that we were doing something illegal had not crossed my mind.

The Doorman’s Double Life

by 01/27/2005
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Despite the fact that it is we who are dependent on them for our livelihoods, it is they who fear us.

Brookti & Me: A Story of Adoption

by 01/27/2005
Neighborhood: Tribeca

Brookti came from Ethiopia 8 months ago when she was around two.

The Joys of Picking Trash

by 01/24/2005
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights

My studio apartment in Brooklyn Heights, Apt. 1A, faces the street at ground level.

When the Guard Was the Guard

by 01/10/2005
Neighborhood: All Over, Manhattan

It didn’t matter that I had been awarded scholarships to three universities – my parents needed money to send to their families in war-torn West Germany and Austria. The last day of high school coincided with the start of work in the mailroom at J. Walter Thompson advertising agency, the next day. “You’re a smart […]

The Christmas Letter

by 01/03/2005
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

I am late to the letter phenomenon. I am sixty-three years old and I have only received three Christmas letters in my life.