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Home of the Whopper

by 01/28/2023
Neighborhood: Featured, Kips Bay

When I knew Efrom, he was twenty-something years old. He was of medium height, with a slight build, stringy dirty-blond hair, and a ’70s—it was the ’70s—handlebar mustache. He lived below John’s studio apartment on 26th Street on Manhattan’s East Side. On the stairs, the first time I stayed over at John’s, Efrom cautioned John […]

Special Needs

by 11/24/2019
Neighborhood: Kips Bay, Manhattan, Murray Hill

From 1966 to 1969 — grades 1 to 3—I attended the Adams School. Occupying three separate buildings, in the East 30s near Lexington Avenue, it was a “private school” for roughly 400 students aged four to 21 facing learning or emotional challenges. In reality, the school received most, if not all, its funding from the […]