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My Blood

by 01/26/2024
Neighborhood: Astoria, Elmhurst

It was a drop, barely. On the busted tile in the kitchen. My floor. The apartment in Astoria. A drop. My feet were bare. I could kick the tile in and out of place with my toes. Like Tetris. I moved the piece with the splash of blood. I was making mac’ and cheese. Nine […]

Did I Hear That Right?

by 01/13/2024
Neighborhood: Crown Heights

_____ On October 5, 1947, two years after the end of the War, President Truman was to address the nation on the world food crisis. It was to be the first televised address by a President in history. People were going to see the President of the United States LIVE, as he was speaking. Magical. Unprecedented. Amazing. At […]