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A Few Facts About Tuba Repair

by 04/29/2002
Neighborhood: Chelsea

"It begins with a button marked Brass Lab."

Basement Tapes

by 04/29/2002
Neighborhood: Brooklyn

The basement people, painters and one particularly nasty no-nothing sculptor (I think he has a studio to impress chicks or somet

The Shanghai Princess

by 04/28/2002
Neighborhood: Morningside Heights

CPR will only take you so far

Anti-War: Report from the U.S. Provinces

by 04/25/2002
Neighborhood: Letter From Abroad

...Darling, if you want me to...

Arab Like Me

by 04/20/2002
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

After 9/11, I stepped into the Williamsburg bodega that I’ve been going to for years. Some of the workers I know by name, others are just familiar faces. We’ve mentioned our Middle Eastern backgrounds to each other. “She’s Egyptian,” said the Palestinian woman behind the counter, gesturing towards me. But her co-worker already knew. “Don’t […]

Notes on Moving

by 04/12/2002
Neighborhood: Brooklyn

My life lies in piles around my feet. It is mostly paper things; boxes of musical scores, boxes marked STORAGE and HOME. Why does the Rilke go to STORAGE and the Hesiod makes it to HOME? Who knows? I take the G train to my studio at the Classon stop in central Brooklyn. The G […]

The Visit

by 04/12/2002
Neighborhood: Financial District

Over the years, Kathy and I have spent weekends in Manhattan, taking advantage of lower hotel room rates and exploring the neighborhoods. One of the places we liked was the Marriott at the World Financial Center. It isn’t there anymore. And we thought it was time to visit … we wanted to see the Columns […]

Hold Your Own Hand

by 04/08/2002
Neighborhood: Morningside Heights

After the World Trade Center is destroyed, I get drunk and seek comfort in the arms of an Orthodox Jewish friend. He is gentle. “I don’t have sex,” he says, and that is fine with me, although the distinction between intercourse and what we are doing seems non-existent. He is warm, and soft, and tentative, […]

Love and Loss at Neocon

by 04/06/2002
Neighborhood: Clinton

The city was crawling with carpet salesmen and industrial designers and Formica representatives and stadium planners, and no one outside of the Javits Center even noticed. I wouldn’t have noticed either if it hadn’t been for my friend Amy, who had flown into New York from East Lansing, Michigan, to attend the NeoCon Interior Design […]

Street Fighting Woman

by 04/05/2002
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

The Violent Nurse

Tales From the Flea Market

by 04/05/2002
Neighborhood: Chelsea

I’ve been out of work for a month. My life is my own. No longer must I force myself through the routine of setting my alarm, waking up, dragging my tired body out of bed, taking a too-short shower, brewing coffee, forgetting to drink half of it, deciding what to wear, taking the subway, taking […]

Housekeeping in Brooklyn, Circa 1952

by 04/04/2002
Neighborhood: Brooklyn

The summer of 1952 I was ten, and the center of my universe was Brooklyn. The Dodgers were still Brooklyn’s team, and Ebbets Field was where they played baseball and not a hous ing project. Everyone hated the Yankees. With the end of school still close, the pinch of freedom felt as unnatural as the […]