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Carla Gahr’s “Sweet People”

by 05/07/2001
Neighborhood: Union Square

I found this lovely pamphlet at the Union Square Market. Or rather, it found me: Carla Gahr approached me amidst the bustle of The Union Square market. She has pale skin and tends towards dramatic make up, and her handsflutter when she speaks. She is, on the whole, somewhat less than relaxed, but the small, […]

Hemut Lang speaks

by Thomas Beller 05/01/2001
Neighborhood: SoHo

Style and Structure With Helmut Lang By Thomas Beller Helmut Lang spent his boyhood years roaming the alps in shorts. He was a country boy until he turned ten, when his father re-married and moved to Vienna, whereupon his step mother proceeded to enforce a strict dress code of suits and ties. Needless to say, […]