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The Warehouse Fire

by 12/29/2001
Neighborhood: On the Waterfront

Fire and Ice on the Westside

Death of a Salesman’s Car

by 12/29/2001
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights

The city issued the “gridlock alert” days as far back as November and Mayor Giuliani encouraged all of us to utilize mass transit. At the same time, he gave cryptic warnings of “zero tolerance” for all motor vehicle violations… So it’s December 21, the last full weekday before Christmas Eve, as well as one of […]

A Harlem Love Story

by 12/27/2001
Neighborhood: Harlem

Police Brutality, Love, and the Movement

The Conde Nast Fishbowl

by 12/23/2001
Neighborhood: Midtown

Dead Fish and Buzz

The Polite Runner

by 12/18/2001
Neighborhood: East Village

The Loneliness of the Short Distance Runner

The Scene at Strawberry Fields

by 12/12/2001
Neighborhood: Central Park

A little before 2 a.m. on Saturday, December 1, 2001, I decided to check out the George Harrison memorial that fans were spontaneously holding at Strawberry Fields in Central Park. On my way I stopped by a deli on the southwest corner of 72nd and Broadway first for a coffee. Chun Kim, 43, a friendly […]

Volunteers of America

by 12/05/2001
Neighborhood: Tribeca

My buzzer rang. It was 4:30 in the afternoon on one of those eerie perfect blue sky 60 degree days–eerie partly because it was late January, and partly because in my neighborhood, Tribeca, those kind of days, for obvious reasons, never fail to trigger a deep foreboding. “Who is it?” I yelled into the intercom. […]

Men, Women, and Little Girl at the Richard Serra Show

by 12/02/2001
Neighborhood: Chelsea

I went straight for the headliners, Sylvester and Bellamy: two huge pieces of weatherproofed steel, each 16 feet high and a few inches thick curved into two distinct gigantic spirals about 50 feet in diameter. You can walk into both, in the spaces between the huge curves of steel, and you keep going until you […]