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Subway CPR

by 04/26/2016
Neighborhood: Times Square

His face was a pale green, his eyes rolled in the back of his sockets—an ordinary man on an ordinary day. Until now, lying on a subway floor.

Barking at Tourists

by 06/29/2012
Neighborhood: Times Square

Do you like comedy? Alison Preece really really really really hopes you do.

My Life Among The Pedicabbers

by 02/20/2011
Neighborhood: Midtown, Times Square, Uncategorized

Robin Kilmer befriends a Pedicabber and discovers an entire subculture built around this small community.

Long Live Viva Pancho

by 01/18/2011
Neighborhood: Times Square

Tom Diriwachter finds a kindred spirit in the sombreroed man handing out menus, until one day he is gone.

Under Jimmy’s Awning

by 08/22/2009
Neighborhood: Times Square

Brendan Patrick Hughes delivers a classic New York dive bar story and a random swingers come-on story all in one.


by 06/08/2008
Neighborhood: Times Square

The case of the mysteriously aggressive Irish candy-eating theatergoer.

Hotel Edison

by 12/15/2007
Neighborhood: Times Square

After many years, Roberta Allen is suddenly confronted by the prospect of having a casual drink in the hotel where her father co

Strange Bedfellows

by 12/09/2007
Neighborhood: Times Square

Twenty years after their heyday, the Psychedelic Furs play a show in a place that’s a lot like a

Elliott Gould and The Men In the Truck

by 12/01/2007
Neighborhood: Times Square

What’s a theatre production office without political rhubarbs?

The Paper That Covers Straws

by 08/31/2007
Neighborhood: Times Square

A grass-roots effort, taking it to the streets: Tom's play is going on and he needs to drum up an audience, fast!

Confetti Virgin (I Tossed It Away in Times Square)

by 12/22/2006
Neighborhood: Times Square

A marvelous place to embrace humanity, and also a marvelous place for paranoia about terrorists bombing 500,000 at one go

The Girl on the Bus and the Irish Invader

by 06/08/2006
Neighborhood: Times Square

Real Internet lit, this funny piece is a Missed Connection crossed with a Wikipedia entry on the greats of women's-league pool