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My First Year in New York, 1969

by 06/28/2024
Neighborhood: Midtown East, Times Square, Upper West Side

My Martz Trailways bus rolled into Manhattan from Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1969, landing me in Port Authority. I dragged my big, ivory-colored, plastic suitcase up the escalator, stepped onto Eighth Avenue and a cab screeched to a halt at my feet—a lucky break, since I hadn’t the vaguest idea how to hail one. I had […]

The Nectar Diner

by 06/15/2024
Neighborhood: Featured, Upper East Side

Not long after I moved to New York, my mother’s college friend Lois invited me to a concert at the Metropolitan Museum. After it ended, she suggested we go to the Nectar Diner for a cup of tea. I’d been hearing about Lois my whole life. To my mother, she represented a glamorous New York […]

My Lunch with Jackie

by 06/08/2024
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

One of my first jobs in the city was as a hostess at Coco Pazzo, a very hot spot at the time on the Upper East Side. We had a famous clientele, and I truly loved when the A-listers would roll in. I would stand the whole night of my 8-hour shift behind a podium, […]

The Jewish Club Goes to Philadelphia

by 06/01/2024
Neighborhood: Brighton Beach, Philadelphia

It was 1985 and the “Jewish Club” was a social club that seemingly popped up from nowhere at Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn.  One day, we were told this club existed and that a woman named Akiva  would be coming to the school every few weeks to run the club’s meetings.  Akiva wasn’t a […]