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The Sadistic Pleasures of the Guggenheim Café

by Thomas Beller 07/19/2009
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

In the locked glass doors at the Guggenheim Museum Café, Thomas Beller discovers a window on human nature.

The Greatest Game

by 07/19/2009
Neighborhood: Across the River, Letter From Abroad

Playwright Ron West plays the greatest game of his life, after needlessly directing seven one-woman shows.

The German Expressionistic Life of My Roommate, With Swastika Table

by 07/19/2009
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Park Slope

Rachel Zuckerman endures the bizarre behavior and dramatic train wreck lifestyle of her roommate.

Upcoming Readings

by 07/05/2009
Neighborhood: West Village

Please join us for our upcoming readings: Wednesday, July 8th 12:30pm Bryant Park: Bryant Park Reading Room Thomas Beller will moderate a panel discussion on writing in New York, with Joseph O’Neill (Netherland), Colum McCann (Let the Great World Spin), Jonathan Ames (The Double Life Is Twice as Good) and Alice Mattison (Nothing Is Quite […]

They’ve Finally Cut Eggy in Half

by 07/02/2009
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens

Albert Stern thinks he might have stumbled across his old friend Eggy, a paraplegic, on the street, and that Eggy’s finally gott

Glorious Fourth

by 07/02/2009
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Kensington

Not everyone loves the loud sounds of our nation’s birthday. Tony Longo remembers the Fourth back in 1964.

You Gotta Believe

by 07/02/2009
Neighborhood: Queens, Shea Stadium

Baseball is about the only American thing Emily Meg Weinstein can even uneasily embrace.