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The Hidden Deal: Underground Poker in NYC

by 05/20/2009
Neighborhood: Across the River, Queens

JB McGeever plumbs the depths of NYC’s poker underground.

It Even Moves

by 05/20/2009
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

…in which Roberta Allen sees her father’s pee pee at four years old, chooses to write about it as her “favorite animal” at eight

Almost Feeding the Hungry

by 05/20/2009
Neighborhood: Midtown

Jeff Kyle, Jr. is a bridge and tunneler whose urge to provide for the city’s hungry goes unfulfilled.

My Mother’s Garden

by 05/08/2009
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights

On Mother’s Day, Dorothy Spears narrowly avoids going to see “300”—her son’s idea of a fun Mother’s Day activity.

The Duke of Rock

by 05/08/2009
Neighborhood: East Village

Back in the day, “the rock” could mean crack cocaine, or the basketball used in the full-court games played in Tompkins Square.

How I Got All of New York to Cheer For Me On My Morning Run

by 05/08/2009
Neighborhood: All Over, Multiple

Connor Gaudet sneaks onto the course of the New York Marathon and run all but seven miles of it.

My Semester With Ralph Ellison

by 05/02/2009
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

Ralph Ellison taught Hal Sirowitz and his class at NYU that the most important word in life is “No.”

Sex, Craigslist, and Murder

by 05/02/2009
Neighborhood: All Over, Multiple

: Our resident expert on Craigslistic sex weighs in on the dangers of Craigslistic sex and the murder of Julissa Brisman.

Theft of Service

by 05/02/2009
Neighborhood: Lower Manhattan

Reformed Thief of Service, Sam Axelrod, tells the story of his arrest and subsequent imprisonment for sneaking into the subway.