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Gangland in Greenpoint

by 07/23/2003
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Greenpoint

Krea-Krac! Thick, guttural laugher floats up from the street into our bedroom. Krea-Krac! Krea-Krac! Blearily, I grope the nightstand for my glasses. The bedside clock tells me it’s just past midnight. Krea-Krac! Krea-Krac! Krea-Krac! When I was a boy and it was time for bed, my father had a favorite ritual. He would stand up, […]

The Hubris of Youth

by 07/22/2003
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights

When I was about fifteen, I was really full of myself and thought I could dive. So, I invited this girl to go to the St. George Pool in Brooklyn, which then was the Mecca for all the Olympic divers and swimmers. I was going to impress the hell out her when she saw what […]

Camp Camelot

by 07/20/2003
Neighborhood: Long Island

"Although genes had a hand in my corpulence, I loved food more than the average person, and I have always been one of those peop


by 07/16/2003
Neighborhood: Central Park

I hitched up my pants, heavy with walkie-talkie, mace, handcuffs, book of summons, notebook, field guide to Eastern Forests, a

Others Might Cry Insanity

by 07/14/2003
Neighborhood: Midtown

In the late 60’s, I went to the old Madison Square Garden on 50th St. to see a main-go between two Latin fighters. One a Cuban and one a Puerto Rican. So, the Garden is a tinder box; any spark will ignite it. The main event is very hotly contested, and could go either way. […]

Rockaway Beach Memoirs

by 07/12/2003
Neighborhood: On the Waterfront, Queens

I was nearly there. Carrying my chair, beach bag and small cooler the few final yards to my usual spot, I was almost past the part I dreaded. It was the trek from the parking lot at Riis Park in the Rockaways, to my little beach at the start of neighboring Breezy Point. To get […]

The Rudolf Hearing

by 07/04/2003
Neighborhood: Across the River

"This is 'choice'"