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Kate Millett Versus Elizabeth Wurtzel at the 10th St. Lounge

by 05/24/2003
Neighborhood: East Village

On a Monday night at the Tenth Street Lounge, the Third Wave met the Second Wave. The woman I was dating told me some older feminists were having their works read and asked if I was willing to be a token boy. I’d been a lone wolf studying feminist theory in college in the mid-80s, […]

by Thomas Beller 05/22/2003
Neighborhood: SoHo

Adrian Dannatt is not a man easily persuaded to perform manual labor, or labor of any kind. Anything that requires physical effort usually elicits from him an expression of mild horror and incredulity, as though you’d asked if he’d like to stroke a pet cockroach. Therefor it was a memorable occasion when I came upon […]

Notes From the New East Harlem

by 05/22/2003
Neighborhood: East Harlem

There’s Antenna Lady, the black woman who stands in front of the building next to mine with the silver antenna-thing pierced through her face. Though she must be in her forties, her face is studded with all sorts of St. Marks-like piercings, the most shocking being the long one poking out of her left cheek. […]

side stage and backstage at the jicks may 15 Irving Plaza

by the man with the funny camera 05/17/2003
Neighborhood: Gramercy Park

The pictures on this page are 360 panoramic images. If you do not have Quicktime (and you’ll know if there are no pictures visible even after a minute), Download it here. These are not static pictures. You can move them left and right, up and down. To move the image: Hold down mouse button and […]

Evan’s Ramp

by 05/16/2003
Neighborhood: Dumbo

Snow and cold are anathema to the skateboarder. The winter in New York can be a frustrating time to pursue an activity best done wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Hardcore skaters still hit the streets to skate midtown’s smooth plazas on frigid nights, but that can be a slightly masochistic and uncomfortable experience. One remedy […]

The Ghost of Rem Koolhaas

by the man with the funny camera 05/13/2003
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

The peculiar thing about these 360 degree images is that when shooting in low light, or when there is a lot of movement, individuals can blur to the point of being non-existent. My friend calls these barely present people “ghosts.” An example can be seen below. Never mind the couple making out passionately (when they […]

Forts and Fortifications

by 05/11/2003
Neighborhood: Across the River, Multiple

I was a fat, strange kid for whome Forts were very important. My parents used to drive from our upstate New York home to the Big Apple twice a year. For my parents those visits meant fine dining and Broadway shows . For me however, those visits meant Forts. Yes. Forts. I was interested in […]

The Return of John Starks

by Thomas Beller 05/07/2003
Neighborhood: Uncategorized

The Westchester Wildfire, a newly formed franchise of the United States Basketball League, held open try-outs the other day at their practice facility at Suny Purchase, and nearly eighty people showed up, in spite of the $150 dollar fee. A fair number were playground all-stars for whom the try out was a kind one day […]

Why Pay $36.09 for Rancid Chicken?

by 05/07/2003
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

An old friend came to town not long ago and we met for a late lunch on the Upper West Side. Trilby ordered a burger, no bread, with brie; I ordered half a roasted chicken with mashed potatoes. The food was slow in coming but we had so much catching-up to do that we didn’t […]

Saying Goodbye to Myself

by 05/07/2003
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights

I met her on the Brooklyn Heights promenade the day I turned thirty. “Pardon me, but would’ja help me up?” she said, holding out a gloved hand. The stains on the polyester were yellow, the rest of the glove so white it was vein-blue, the color of cheap wedding dresses. I rose from the bench […]

The Auditioners

by 05/06/2003
Neighborhood: Manhattan

‘Scape is a new theater company that will stage ten short plays on a Brooklyn rooftop this June. To cast the plays the new theater company employed an old tradition, the audition. The plays will be outdoors and open air, but the audition was held in a small white room in a Bleeker Street cellar–closed […]