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Meet the Old Boss

by 06/18/2007
Neighborhood: Midtown

Suzanne goes back to her old boss's to get a reference, and ends up unburdening the old woman of some wistful, surreal memories

All of a Piece: Saint Anthony’s Statue and New Guinea Mourning Rituals

by 06/18/2007
Neighborhood: Letter From Abroad

As an anthropologist, Thomas realizes how mourning his own mother helped him study practices of mourning in other cultures

Kosher Nostra

by 06/18/2007
Neighborhood: Letter From Abroad

Ken's adventure driving to Nebraska with a stranger from Craigslist and a van from a chop shop is decidedly lackluster

Malice at the Brooklyn Central Library

by 06/14/2007
Neighborhood: Brooklyn

Catherine Pearson apologizes to the person who attacked her boyfriend.

A Word From Number 4: Hat’s Off to the Homeless

by 06/09/2007
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

In the process of being dehumanized by the advertising machine, Number 4 scrutinizes the behavior of two exemplary homeless men

Hip Hop Subway Series

by 06/09/2007
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Kid Lucky hosts a breakdance tournament on the J train and the participants bring their A game

Trying on Murray Hill Girl

by 06/09/2007
Neighborhood: Murray Hill

The author struggles to come to terms with a new identity, that of a person who lives in Murray Hill, fighting hipster prejudice

Living with Nicola’s Single Life

by 06/01/2007
Neighborhood: East Village

It can be really funny, you know? To see these cocky, arrogant dudes get all shy and retarded trying to ask you out

A Great First Day at Orient

by 06/01/2007
Neighborhood: Letter From Abroad

A cathartic day absorbing the vitality of the striped bass at L.I.'s North Fork is cathartic after a time of loss

They’re behaving like animals

by 06/01/2007
Neighborhood: Gramercy Park

Madison Square Park is New York's civilizational apex, but the people in it are little more than an illiterate, barbaric horde