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The Egg, Cheese and Tomato

by 11/24/2010
Neighborhood: East Village

They often amuse me, the touchstones that have become the rituals of my life. Jiggling the doorknob to make sure the door is locked. Stacking my self-help books according to dysfunction. Making sure no one is watching when I enter my weight and age into the elliptical training machine at the gym. Checking for ear […]

Thanksgiving 1961

by 11/24/2010
Neighborhood: Yorkville

Thanksgiving morning, 1961, Mom woke me quietly and whispered, “Rory is sick. If you wake him up before you leave, you’re not going either.” I shook my head yes. I felt bad that my younger brother, Rory, wouldn’t see the parade, but I was happy to go with Dad alone. It was much easier having […]

That’s So Sad

by 11/24/2010
Neighborhood: Staten Island

This week I had dinner at my parents’ house. Afterwards, my father shuffled off to the couch to lie down. My mother and I watched him go. He looked old and tired. By no coincidence my mother began to talk about how they’ve started to look at burial plots. My father was born on Staten […]