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The Brownie Caper

by 06/19/2014
Neighborhood: Gramercy Park, Manhattan

As fast as he might run, JB McGeever can't escape his chocolatey past, one where a certain brownie continues to follow him to the police academy.


by 06/14/2014
Neighborhood: Chelsea, Washington Heights

I think about what it means to me to be Hispanic, Latino, Latin-American, American, brown. I mostly wonder this in the workplace.

Colin Powell, Elvis Presley, and Mario Cuomo

by 06/12/2014
Neighborhood: Kew Gardens Hills, Queens

John Oliver Hodges screws in a lightbulb for a Jewish family but doesn't stay for dinner.

Performance, Anxiety

by 06/01/2014
Neighborhood: Central Park

A twenty-something New Yorker passes time waiting people-watching in Central Park, thinking about what's missing.