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We Need Someone Who Speaks English

by 07/08/2011
Neighborhood: Midwood, Williamsburg

Granger Greenbaum hires a man off the street to help him with some odd moving jobs in Brooklyn.

Door Buzzers that Never Ring

by 12/19/2010
Neighborhood: Williamsburg

As a girl, Flo Gelo stumbled upon traces of a murder in a Williamsburg vestibule.

The Haters: The Angriest Softball Team in New York City

by 10/01/2009
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

Patrick Sauer takes in a not-so-friendly neighborhood softball game in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

A Snow Storm in Brooklyn

by 09/07/2009
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

When Susie, a policewoman’s daughter, tries to trap Flo in a snow cave, Susie gets her just desserts in the form of a punch in t

The Diner

by 04/09/2009
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

A semi-reluctant Williamsburg first settler story from Madison Smartt Bell.

Disappointment with the Color Brown

by 03/09/2008
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

Joe Benincase takes a trip on the L train just to drink alone, and ends up failing a really awful color blindness test.


by 02/23/2008
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

Her husband died in the Trade Center. She meets Dylan on the internet. He’s a survivor from the 83rd floor of one of the tower

One Snort

by 10/09/2007
Neighborhood: Williamsburg

Shawn goes from Novice to Intermediate before finally turning his nostrils away from the great white equalizer

The Cry of the Water Wolf

by 07/06/2006
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

A sordid tale involving a Condé Nast hottie, a Kato Kaelin look-alike, and a water gun assassination tournament....

BQE Sunrise

by 05/05/2006
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

Glittering images of Brooklyn while the sun rises after a long, perfect, whiskey-soaked night

A Boy & His Dog-Poop

by 12/01/2005
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

In 1997, the dog-walkers of Williamsburg do not scoop. Where law and civic responsibility have failed, can magic succeed?


by 11/10/2005
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

A crumbling mind, preparing for deep freeze, contemplates the slumber of the mighty bear