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The Tape

by 04/26/2016
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Chelsea, Jackson Heights, Manhattan, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Sunset Park

Every week I bought a cassette tape and poured my heart out to the Shrink. We were discussing my parents when a long-buried memory sprung to mind

Exhaustion, Faith, or Madness

by 12/12/2014
Neighborhood: Jackson Heights, Queens, Uncategorized

As I wander about in a drowsy daze trying to find it, I take in some interesting sights that get me thinking about the meaning of “diversity” – that superficial buzzword often associated with this neighborhood.

A Forgotten Game

by 03/27/2012
Neighborhood: Jackson Heights

Peter Wortsman experiences a brief shining moment as hero of the slap ball court, only to be overshadowed by other events of the day.

Wurst Lust

by 04/11/2011
Neighborhood: Jackson Heights, Uncategorized

Peter Wortsman remembers the taboo fondness his refugee parents and indeed, his entire (predominantly Jewish) neighborhood shared with those whom they had fled.