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The Flaneuse’s Return

by 04/25/2021
Neighborhood: Kensington

Every now and again I find myself contemplating a suitable place for a desk. This may sound mundane, except that the home in these musings is not where I live. Even in reverie, this desk-placing endeavor is no easy feat. For while the contemplation serves as a daydream, the home—an apartment in Kensington, Brooklyn—actually exists. […]

Glorious Fourth

by 07/02/2009
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Kensington

Before the City got so strict about it, Brooklyn used to be flooded with fireworks every summer. On the Fourth of July the little blue pieces of paper from firecrackers built up in drifts on the street corners in Kensington where people spent the whole night setting them off. Not me, though. I was in […]

Notes from the Audobon Society, Part 2

by 03/17/2004
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Kensington

The wind blew the first raindrops of the cold front against my back. Iris was late. I couldn’t believe I was standing out there under the street lamp in Kensington, Brooklyn waiting for her. But I was curious. I wanted to see what she had. I had never met her and I didn’t know what […]