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A Little Bit of Smut

by 11/30/2004
Neighborhood: Uncategorized

To the woman on Craigslist who wanted to know the difference between ‘booty call’ and ‘F*ck Buddy.’ by Vince Passaro The Local F*ck by A. Leigh French Kissing The Cab Driver by Maura Kelly Things We Say To Cops (Things Cops Say to Us) by Rick Rofihe

To the woman on craigslist who wanted to know the difference between ‘booty call’ and ‘f*ck buddy.’

by 11/30/2004
Neighborhood: All Over, Manhattan

The main distinction being that one is an incident or event while the other is a category of modern relationship

The Local F*ck

by 11/22/2004
Neighborhood: Manhattan

Foreplay to him is the pretzel you eat ten minutes before sitting down in the theatre.

Mocking People Who Vote Differently Than You

by 11/11/2004
Neighborhood: Brooklyn

Mrs. Alexander, decided it would be an important lesson for us students if our class was to conduct a mock vote for president.

The Doll Hospital

by 11/08/2004
Neighborhood: Uncategorized

We found the doll right there on 16th Street in Brooklyn, outside the Baptist church

Memoirs of the Kerry Administration

by Thomas Beller 11/04/2004
Neighborhood: Uncategorized

They’re all New Yorkers now.

Spinning Out of Control

by 11/01/2004
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Park Slope

“We’re out of luck,” Steve said one Saturday afternoon as I returned to our apartment from doing my weekend errands. “The dryer just died. I have a load of whites in the washer and now I can’t dry them.” We were one of the fortunate people who actually had a washer and dryer in their […]