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Scarlett Ghosts

by 10/28/2011
Neighborhood: Clinton

John Quilty finds the past revealing itself through a slow shutter-speed.

Celtic Memories – Whispering Hope from the Past

by 10/22/2009
Neighborhood: Clinton

 When I was growing up in the west of Ireland in the fifties my grandfather gifted me with stories about Samhain, (pronounced, SOW-in) now known as All Hallows Eve or Halloween. Samhain, a Gaelic word, meaning “end of summer,” signaled the coming of winter and the beginning of the Celtic New Year. “In the olden […]

Mayfair Boys Club & Barbershop

by 08/31/2007
Neighborhood: Clinton

Mayfair is a place for men to gather, hide from women in considerable numbers, and receive the city's undisputed best haircut

Only customers come down here: Hell’s Kitchen in 1986

by 11/10/2006
Neighborhood: Clinton

A naive British man enjoys the atmosphere, studies the view of Jersey from across the river, and gets high with a prostitute

Bonfire of the Remedies

by 06/28/2006
Neighborhood: Clinton

The author suffers misfortune when he is forced to deal with his mother's insurance paperwork: It's cigarette time.

Men Threw Balls To One End, Then Back Again: Scientology

by 06/15/2006
Neighborhood: Clinton

A friend is in town recovering from a big-deal breakup; the author takes him on a trip to the Church of Scientology

The Shave

by 05/21/2005
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Clinton

In 1964, a father and son are drifting apart in opposite directions. One, last barbershop visits brings them back together.

Knicks Notes: The Golden Age of Losing

by 12/04/2002
Neighborhood: Clinton

The more games the New York Knicks won the more they raised the ticket prices.

Dead Rat Walking

by 09/10/2002
Neighborhood: Clinton

"I'm a rat killin' motherfucker..."

Love and Loss at Neocon

by 04/06/2002
Neighborhood: Clinton

The city was crawling with carpet salesmen and industrial designers and Formica representatives and stadium planners, and no one outside of the Javits Center even noticed. I wouldn’t have noticed either if it hadn’t been for my friend Amy, who had flown into New York from East Lansing, Michigan, to attend the NeoCon Interior Design […]

Hot Summer Day

by 02/17/2002
Neighborhood: Clinton

Some ex's avoid you. Some ex's flirt with you. It is unclear which is worse.

The Doctor From Norfolk, Virginia

by 01/20/2002
Neighborhood: Clinton

"I may be homeless now, but at least my mama raised me right, so please don’t ever blame this on my mama, God rest her soul."