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The Religious Life of Objects

by 09/28/2004
Neighborhood: Morningside Heights

Nadine had dark curly hair, a slow quiet voice and more stubborn patience then anyone I knew. She was showing me her favorite textile, a small pre-Columbian piece, dated around 500 BC. It was no bigger than a doormat, but she had been working on it for over six months. “These repeated geometric patterns form […]

Post Oaks in Pelham Bay Park

by 09/27/2004
Neighborhood: Bronx

We were looking for the old oak trees, the ones rumored to be down by the shoreline. The day was already sweat-lodge hot, at 8 a.m., the seagulls circling lazily in the morning light. We stood in the parking lot, plotting our route; the sweat boiled up under our long sleeved shirts and long pants—protection […]

The G.O.P Comes to Town. Town says…

by 09/16/2004
Neighborhood: Manhattan

A protestor on 7th Avenue holds a black "W" death pig. This pro-Bush demonstrator standing on the corner of 33rd and 7th Avenue shouted, "You traitors don’t love your country." Wave after wave of protestors shouted him down; he withdrew after an hour. A group of 20 or so Republicans stood behind a police barricade […]

The Community Bookstore

by 09/16/2004
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens

Another gourmet bakery opened on Court Street in Cobble Hill; the old sheet music shop was replaced by a cell phone store; the bodega next door went out of business last week, and today the new owners are gutting it and lining the walls with shelving made of a thick, smoked glass. It seems that […]


by 09/12/2004
Neighborhood: Financial District

The young musician met the older musician after a concert. It was in a building just south of Wall Street, a part of the city that morphs into a ghost town on late weekend nights. The concert space was run by an organization dedicated solely to the arts and therefore was unheated despite the brutal […]

A Day with the Delegates from Texas

by 09/10/2004
Neighborhood: Midtown

I’m a long time Texan currently living in New York City, and I recently spent some time in the company of the Lone Star delegation, when they came to New York for the Republican National Convention. Most were esconced at the New York Hilton on 53rd and Sixth Avenue—“Avvnoo of the Amuricas,” as the delegates […]