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The White Sock Moment

by 05/25/2024
Neighborhood: Lower Manhattan

Years ago, I coined the term “White Socks Moment” to describe that instant when you are suddenly and jarringly turned off by a romantic interest because of something distasteful and unusual happening. The kids today refer to this phenomenon as “the ick”. Once I was turned off by a guy – who had seemed so […]

Men Who Buy Me Drinks at Bars

by 05/18/2024
Neighborhood: East Village, Greenpoint, Upper West Side

ROUND ONE: JAY Walking out of the crowd, my ears are still ringing. It’s late. I’m more than tipsy, but I haven’t felt tired in hours. I bounce down the stairs that lead from the East Village dance floor and head to the bar. There, I shift my weight around on the balls of my […]