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Becoming A Badass

by Cara O'Flynn 01/31/2003
Neighborhood: East Village

A guy with his earlobes stretched around bingo chips and a bullring through his septum pulled a box of nose studs from the glass case. “How do they stay in?” I asked. “It’s a coil and it rests against the outside of your nostril,” he said, making a swirling motion with his finger. I chose […]

Kansas City Justin

by 01/28/2003
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

I’ve been dating a Mid-western man for the past two months.  Well, it’s actually been one month that I’ve been dating him, and one month that he’s been away in Florida “visiting his mother.”  This man happens to be the oldest I have ever dated–41–ten years my senior.  Perfect, I thought. Older, more mature, has […]

Farewell George’s Five-Dollar Shave

by 01/26/2003
Neighborhood: Financial District

Along about now, dozens of shaggy guys prowl the streets of New York, looking for a new barber, wondering where and from whose hands their next haircut and a shave are going to come now that the State Barber Shop has closed and Giorgio Campli retired. George left for Italy a few weeks back. There, […]

Crossing The Brooklyn Ferry

by 01/25/2003
Neighborhood: Brooklyn

1. Flood-Tide below me! I see you face to face! Clouds of the west-sun there half an hour high–I see you also face to face. Crowds of men and women attired in the unusual cos- tumes, how curious you are to me! On the ferry boats the hundreds and hundreds that cross, returning home, are […]

Nina Talbot’s Shoppers

by 01/25/2003
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Flatbush

For the last two years Nina Talbot has been photographing people at her local ShopRite in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, and painting their portraits. Or, more accurately, she’s been painting portraits of the store. "I look for subjects that are close to home," she says. "Whenever I shop I take my camera. I tell […]

Old Boilers and Old Men

by 01/20/2003
Neighborhood: All Over, Letter From Abroad

P> My boiler broke in February, after the pedestal sink on the second floor of my home gave way and tipped over, thanks to an aging sixpenny nail. The upstairs bathroom quickly filled with water and began seeping through the gaps in the floor’s tile grout. The ceiling of my kitchen, on the first floor, […]

Kristopher Medina: Stunt Double

by Interview by John Bowe 01/20/2003
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

In 1991, I was a student at New York University, working at a bookstore, and this woman came up to me out of nowhere and basically asked me to come audition for her film. She was a casting director for this PBS Masterpiece Theater thing. The part was for a quote-unquote “little person.” I’m four […]

Mr. Impatient

by 01/20/2003
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Greenpoint

Wonders of Modern Commuting, Part 1: At around 8:25 every day, Mr. Impatient’s train pulls up to the Greenpoint platform. Mr. Impatient is a G(1) train conductor who is always in a very big hurry to get the train where it’s going. I have yet to get a glimpse of him, but I can hear […]

London Terrace Diary: In The Elevator

by 01/20/2003
Neighborhood: Chelsea

Quality of life during my ten-year stay in London Terrace Gardens (the ten-building brick behemoth spanning an entire square block at Ninth avenue and 23rd Street) was greatly enhanced by the presence of elevator men. These were resourceful men, mostly of Hispanic descent who grew up in Chelsea, who kept watch over the building, picked […]

The Ghost of Uncle Dick

by 01/20/2003
Neighborhood: All Over, Letter From Abroad

I just got back from Uncle Dick’s funeral service out in Cortez, Colorado. I didn’t know Dick alive, but I got to know him pretty well during his memorial service, and then later staying at his house while Cheryl’s mother tied up some of his personal affairs. From all traces Dick was an authentic man’s […]

A few scenes from the Pen Literary Gala

by Thomas Beller 01/20/2003
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

Paul Simon did not wear a tux. He sat by the fountain in the middle of Lincoln Center, a photographer by his side, and another guy, a journalist? Several people wandered up to him. He seemed very approachable, as though he wanted to chat in the pleasant evening light. He wore a tweed jacket and […]

Shoot-Out at the Plaza Hotel

by 01/19/2003
Neighborhood: Midtown

I arrived in New York during the summer of 2000 from somewhere else. It doesn’t matter where because nowhere else is like New York. Like most newcomers I was awed by the spectacle. I stole glances at the sky from the sidewalk while I tried to keep pace with other pedestrians. I walked the streets […]