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Altercation at Irving Plaza

by 02/17/2024
Neighborhood: East Village

November 3, 1978 – East Village – Journal Entry Last night THE NEW WAVE VAUDEVILLE SHOW at Irving Plaza was a great success for the performers, but a debacle for me. Klaus Nomi was the headliner along with a horde of starry-eyed rockers and artists. My friends and I were asked to be the security. […]


by 02/10/2024
Neighborhood: Featured, Staten Island

During break time, I approached my classmate Andy Saperstein and asked if I could see the four-inch stack of baseball cards he had brought to school that day. It probably had one hundred and fifty cards in it, all new, the corners sharp and crisp. Andy, well-recognized as the best student in Mr. G’s fifth […]

A Psychiatric Aide, Way Back Then

by 02/04/2024
Neighborhood: Washington Heights

I was too young to comprehend “dark energy” that pulls apart the human psyche. But at 19, I was a witness. New York State Psychiatric Institute, high up and hovering over the Hudson in Washington Heights, was, and still is, a special teaching hospital connected to Columbia University.  In the 1950s, when I worked there, […]