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Connor Gaudet is a Brooklyn-based writer and musician passionately pursuing a life of debt and poverty. Diarist, embellisher, and non-fiction storyteller, he occasionally comes clean at, and is the managing editor of



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Published on: 11/15/2013

Managing Editor Connor Gaudet Shamelessly Plugs Greenwich Village History Blog

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Published on: 10/16/2013

Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood Reading Tonight!

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Published on: 06/20/2013

Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood Reading Series, April 18, 7 PM

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Published on: 04/09/2013

Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood Reading Series Returns!!!

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Published on: 02/03/2013

Non-Fiction Poetry

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Published on: 02/03/2013

I Voted

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Published on: 11/06/2012

Storm Stories

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Published on: 11/01/2012

Retweet Your Favorite Stories and Like Them on Facebook.

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Published on: 05/29/2012

Call for Submissions – St. Patrick’s Day Stories

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Published on: 02/23/2012

Call For Submissions: Occupy Wall Street

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Published on: 11/28/2011

Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood Reading, September 23 At Happy Ending

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Published on: 09/16/2011

Ten Years Later

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Published on: 09/11/2011

Call For Submissions – 9/11 Reflections. 10 Years Later.

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Published on: 08/16/2011

Mr Beller’s Neighborhood Reading Series

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Published on: 07/20/2011

Hung Out

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Published on: 06/20/2011

Lost and Found in Prospect Park

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Published on: 01/08/2011

The Crack Van

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Published on: 07/31/2010

How I Got All of New York to Cheer For Me On My Morning Run

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Published on: 05/08/2009

Fruit Man = Bad Man

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Published on: 11/07/2008