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Someone Should Keep an Eye on Him

by 04/29/2015
Neighborhood: Union Square

I walk the earth as Cain, never to know the satisfaction of a home project well done.

Of Landlords and Cousins

by 03/03/2013
Neighborhood: Sunset Park

Elena Schwolsky is shocked to learn her landlord's family is full of cousins who are all experts in various aspects of home repair.

Hung Out

by 06/20/2011
Neighborhood: Park Slope

Connor Gaudet decides to install a clothesline for his 3rd floor walk-up, bringing the crumbling hundred-year old clothesline tower across the yard out of retirement.

Looking Up

by 03/13/2011
Neighborhood: Grand Central Station

Leslie Nipkow's relationship often brought her through Grand Central Station during the ceiling's restoration in the 80's, allowing her to witness a slow recovery and glorious rebirth.

Floating on Air at the St. George Hotel

by 01/27/2008
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights

Rachel Cline remembers Brooklyn Heights before the investment bankers came, back when the St. George Hotel was more bohemian-gla

It Wasn’t Our Turn

by 07/20/2007
Neighborhood: Bronx, Outer Boroughs

Only the second of two crucial orders reach Ziegler and his buddy, and disaster results

I Lose My Cherry

by 08/10/2006
Neighborhood: East Harlem

It’s mid-afternoon on a Saturday in April 1973, and my first-day tour on the job, when that seminal alarm sounds. The disembodied voice of the dispatcher booms from loudspeakers throughout the firehouse, “Attention the following units…Engines 83, 60, 41-1 Ladders 29, 17-2 Battalion 14…Respond to…” The box number and address are given, and then the […]

Katrina Did One Good Thing

by 06/14/2006
Neighborhood: Letter From Abroad

The author interviews in New Orleans--complaints about poverty, destruction, FEMA trailers mix with a disturbing new contentment

The Old Building on the Way to Dad’s Office

by 05/31/2006
Neighborhood: Midtown

We would always take the same route and on the way we would pass an old decrepit building...

Christmas Day in a Parallel Queens

by 01/05/2006
Neighborhood: All Over, Letter From Abroad

The author can't seem to get where she's going in a desolate, atomized community that is somehow supposed to be Queens

Industrial Ruins, Digital Gallery: An Interview with Lowell Boileau

by 08/05/2005
Neighborhood: Uncategorized

The curator of the wildly popular website, detroityes.com, discusses Detroit, its fabulous ruins, and its resurgence

The Northern Dispensary

by 04/20/2005
Neighborhood: West Village

A New View of A Historic Building.