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Readers on July 22 are Peter Nolan Smith, Robin Kilmer, Royal Young and JB McGeever. The host is Connor Gaudet.
Peter Nolan Smith left New England in 1976 for the East Village. The nightlife became his vehicle for traveling the world; Paris, Hamburg, Nice, and London. His career ended at the Milk Bar in Beverly Hills in 1995 and he split the following years working as a diamantaire in Manhattan’s Diamond District and traveling through the Orient. Most of his 21st Century has been spent in Thailand, although economics forced his return to 47th Street in 2008. Peter NolanSmith currently lives in Brooklyn and Sriracha, Thailand. He is the editor and writer of and has recently been named writer-in-residence at a foreign embassy in Mittel Europe.
Robin Kilmer graduated from Bard College in 2007 and worked for three years at a public school in the Bronx. She hopes to one day successfully converge two diametrically opposing forces: writing and making a living. Until that day she is working as a nanny.

Royal Young just completed his debut memoir “Fame Shark.” Follow him at
JB McGeever’s stories have appeared in Hampton Shorts, Confrontation, $pread Magazine, and The Southampton Review, with nonfiction in The New York Times, Newsday, City Limits Weekly, and Family Circle.
Connor Gaudet is a Brooklyn-based writer and musician passionately pursuing a life of debt and poverty. Diarist, embellisher, and non-fiction storyteller, he occasionally comes clean at, and is the managing editor of
Happy Ending is located at 302 Broome Street in the Lower East Side. The phone number is 212.334.9676.


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