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Christmas Morning

by 05/26/2014
Neighborhood: Forest Hills

A little trash pile between the sidewalk and street caught my eye. It was just a pile of sticks, but on top was a ten dollar bill folded in half.

Old Brownie

by 02/09/2014
Neighborhood: Midtown

Cut, color, clarity, and carat - Peter Nolan Smith avoids all of the 4Cs of diamonds when he sells Old Brownie on a snowy winter's day.

The Supercut

by 07/28/2013
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

Garrett Houghton plays Russian roulette with his hair and his wallet at Supercuts.

Red Socks

by 07/28/2013
Neighborhood: Midwood, Sheepshead Bay

Debbie Nathan and her neighbors discuss labor and politics of long ago and faraway.

Will Work For Free

by 06/25/2013
Neighborhood: Midtown

In a universally identifiable essay, Garrett Houghton describes his first of what will become many job interviews for the coveted post of Unpaid Intern.

On Avoiding the Clipboard

by 06/06/2013
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village, Uncategorized, West Village

It didn't take Theresa Reed very long that no matter how friendly the canvasser acts, the canvasser does not want to be friends. The canvasser just wants your money.

Playing Hide and Seek in the Bronx

by 04/25/2013
Neighborhood: Bronx

Jackie Minghinelli's brother made an interesting discovery back in 1970. If only Mom hadn't found out.

At Home on the Church Steps

by 02/08/2013
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

Mindy Lewis' neighbor is evicted and living on the streets. Meanwhile his apartment sits empty.


by 12/28/2012
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Midtown

Peter Nolan Smith puts down his jeweler's loupe and picks up his hammer.

The Threat

by 12/04/2012
Neighborhood: Flatlands

Mindy Greenstein is home after college and finding her mother's gambling addiction difficult to manage.

New York Is Oakland

by 09/08/2012
Neighborhood: Financial District, SoHo, Union Square, Zuccotti Park

Svetlana Kitto joins the march north to Occupy Union Square.

Cross Streets

by 08/28/2012
Neighborhood: Upper East Side, West Village

Trevor Laurence Jockims finds that we share more than we realize when we break the fourth wall and step out of our everyday roles.