Sharon Watts


Sharon Watts spent thirty formative years in New York City, all prior to 9/11—rolling with the punches, catching the waves, but mostly soaking up street energy. She's been, at different times: an art student, a wine stewardess in a kosher-Chinese restaurant, a fashion illustrator, an assemblage artist, and an archivist of things both inconsequential and of enormous meaning. She compiled a book in 2007 - "Miss You, Pat:
Collected Memories of NY's Bravest of the Brave, Captain Patrick J. Brown" as well as a collection of short, poetic, post 9/11 essays in "Back To My Senses" (2013). She is finishing a memoir/scrapbook of her art student days in the early 1970s, "Hell's Kitchen and Couture Dreams." But sharing the front burner is a book about the mostly unknown singer-songwriter Bert Sommer, who appeared in HAIR and whose first live gig happened to be Woodstock.




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Joanie and Luddy in Greenwich Village, 1967

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New York! Just Like I Pictured It, Sorta. Well, No.

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Hell’s Kitchen and All That Jazz

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Al Pimsler: A Man’s Men’s Illustrator

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The Dress

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